Terms and Conditions

VerifyingIndia.com (“Verifying India LLC”, “our“, “us“, “we“) offers a personal subscription service for Users who want to access our private detective Services (“Services“). By using our Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use (“Terms“). Our Services include all the personalized services offered by our website.

https://VerifyingIndia.com, and any related software associated with our service (“Platform“). It’s important to also read our Privacy Policy for clarity on privacy principles that apply to you. These Terms apply to all Users who access our Platform and website and use our Services, as well as to the Associates listed on the Platform.

Use of Our Services

Your subscription with us will remain active for the time period you have paid for, unless terminated. To access and use the services listed on our Platform, you must have an internet connection and a device compatible with the Platform. We accept payment through recognized and authorized payment methods, which may be updated from time to time and may include third-party payment services authorized by us.

Payment and Termination

As our valued customer, you will be charged the applicable case fees for our services, as well as any additional charges related to your use of the service, such as taxes and processing fees. These charges will be applied on a monthly basis to your chosen payment method, starting on the date that corresponds with the beginning of your payment history. For more information on your payment history, please visit our website and click on the “Account Details” link.

If you are an Associate of VerifyingIndia.com, you will be charged an Associate Fee for being listed on our service platform, as specified in your Associate agreement with us.

We strongly recommend that you review our Payment Terms Policy for further clarification.

Please note that we may modify our subscription plans and pricing for our service, but any changes will only apply to you after we provide you with notice.

To use our services To continue using our service, you must provide one or more Payment Methods. You can update your Payment Methods by visiting the “Account” page. We may also update your Payment Methods using information provided by payment service providers.

After any update, we will continue to charge the applicable Payment Method(s) with your authorization. If your primary Payment Method is declined or no longer available for payment of your subscription fee, we will charge any Payment Method associated with your account. You will be responsible for any uncollected amounts.

If payment is not successfully settled due to expiration, insufficient funds, or other reasons, and you do not cancel your account, we may suspend your access to the service until we successfully charge a valid Payment Method. Please note that for some Payment Methods, the issuer may charge additional transactional fees. You should check with your Payment Method service provider for details.

Once payment is made, even if you choose to terminate our services, we will not process any refunds. Your relationship with us will be deemed concluded upon your notice, with immediate effect.

Our Services

To use our service, you must be at least 18 years old. Minors may use the service only under adult supervision.

By agreeing to use our service, you are also agreeing to comply with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations, as well as any other restrictions related to the use of the service. Please refrain from archiving, reproducing, distributing, modifying, displaying, performing, publishing, licensing, creating derivative works from, offering for sale, or using (unless explicitly authorized in these Terms of Use) any content or information found on or obtained from our service. Additionally, we ask that you do not circumvent, remove, alter, deactivate, degrade, or thwart any of the protections in our service; use any robot, spider, scraper, or other automated means to access our service; decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble any software or other products or processes accessible through our service; insert any code or product or manipulate the content of our service in any way; or use any data mining, data gathering, or extraction method. Furthermore, you agree not to upload, post, e-mail, or otherwise send or transmit any material that is designed to interrupt, destroy, or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware, or telecommunications equipment associated with our service, including any software viruses or any other computer code, files, or programs. As a reminder, all intellectual property rights on the Platform are the exclusive property of Verifying India LLC.

The Verifying India platform is designed to provide the services described herein, which are made available to you either by us or for us. Please note that the software may vary depending on the device and medium used, and functionalities and features may also differ between devices. You acknowledge that third-party software subject to third-party licenses may be required to use the service. By agreeing to these terms, you also agree to automatically receive updated versions of the Platform and related third-party software.

The User who created the Account with us and to whom the Payment method is related will always be considered the owner of the account with us. Therefore, they are responsible for any activity occurring through their account with us. To maintain control over the account and prevent unauthorized access, the Account Owner should keep control over the Platform-connected devices used to access the service and avoid revealing the password or details of the Payment Method associated with the account to anyone. It is your responsibility to keep the information you provide us regarding your account accurate and up-to-date. We reserve the right to terminate your account or place it on hold to protect you, us, or our partners from identity theft or other fraudulent activity.


Our service is offered “as is” without any warranty or condition. Please note that our service may occasionally experience interruptions or errors. By using our service, you agree to waive any claims for special, indirect, or consequential damages against us. These terms do not limit any non-waivable warranties or consumer protection rights that you may be entitled to under applicable laws.


Verifying India LLC will not be held liable for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or punitive damages, or for any loss of profits or revenues, whether incurred directly or indirectly. This includes losses such as any loss of data, use, goodwill, or other intangible losses, resulting from (i) your access to or use of the services, or your inability to access or use the services, (ii) any conduct or content of any third party on the services, including without limitation, any defamatory, offensive, or illegal conduct of other users or third parties, (iii) any content obtained from the services, or (iv) unauthorized access, use, or alteration of your transmissions or content.


These Terms of Use will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Minnesota, USA.

Escalation Matrix

Once the User receives the complete investigation report, they must review and accept it before the final payment is processed.

If the User wants to dispute any contents of the report, they must follow this protocol:

  • Submit a dispute through the format available on the Website within five (5) working days of receiving the investigation report. After five (5) working days, VerifyingIndia.com will provide its verification report.
  • If the dispute remains unresolved, the User can submit a second dispute within two (2) working days of receiving the first verification report. VerifyingIndia.com will respond with a second verification report within five (5) working days.
  • If the dispute remains unresolved after the second round of escalation, the User can submit a final dispute within two (2) working day of receiving the first verification report. VerifyingIndia.com will respond with the final verification report within one (1) working day.
  • If the User is not satisfied with the escalation procedure outlined above, a refund will be issued according to the Payment Terms Policy.
  • If no disputes are raised within the permitted period, the investigation report will be deemed accepted by the User. Verifying India LLC will not be held responsible for payment made to the Associate after such period.

Changes to Terms of Use

We may update our Terms of Use from time to time. We will provide you with ample notice before these changes apply to you. We reserve the right to assign or transfer our agreement with you, along with our associated rights and obligations, at any time. We appreciate your cooperation during these times of assignment or transfer.

If any provision of these Terms of Use is found to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will still be valid and enforceable.

To keep you informed about your account, such as payment authorizations, invoices, password or Payment Method changes, confirmations, and notices, we will communicate with you electronically. This will include sending emails to the email address you provided during registration.