About Us

VerifyingIndia.com serves as a service platform for Indians residing overseas. Through our platform, individuals gain access to private services. Our expertise lies in

Pre-matrimony verifications and Divorce investigations

Facts finding and remove uncertainties

Researching Property Information

Assist with Property Investment, Property management

Home Ownership, Land Ownership and Title Investigation

Tenant Screening, Background Investigation

Document Examination and Assessment

Connecting our clients with approved and reputed Surgeons, Doctors, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants and Architects

Never Trust, Always Verify!

Safer than sorry

In order to provide you with peace of mind while getting married for your loved one, VerifyingIndia provides you with this service.

Ensured anonymity

Our case briefs are always kept completely confidential and VerifyingIndia never asks for any information about our clients.

Reliable Verification

We only hire private investigators who are reliable and trust-worthy with great investigation skills.

Our Packages

From the options below, you can choose the verification package that suits you best.


$ 400
  • Background verification of Subject and Family
  • Verification of the Home and Office address of the Subject
  • Verification of Current Profession/Business of the Subject
  • Verification current Salary package/Income of the Subject
  • Subject & its family Reputation
  • Any negative comments on the Subject & Family
  • Subject & its family Reputation
  • Any negative comments on the Subject & Family
  • Financial Status of subject and his/her family


$ 600
  • All Basic Package +
  • Subject's & his family's Reputation
  • Subject's Social Media Profiling
  • Overall behavior of family members


$ 750
  • Advanced Package +
  • Criminal and Civil Disputes
  • Financial Checks
  • Previous marriage/separation/Divorce investigation
  • Any children from previous marriages
  • Special Recommendation from Verifying India for you would be spouse.

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